Ascot Scarves

An Ascot scarf is a silk scarf sewn into a shape that is used as an accessory instead of a tie or bow. Every gentleman should have this elegant accessory in his wardrobe, the ascot scarf.

Ascot scarf and its use

An Ascot scarf is an accessory to be tied under a collared shirt. A scarf tied around the neck is a great choice for occasions where a tie is too festive. If the dress code is Smart Casual, you can easily wear an ascot scarf around your neck instead of a bow or tie.

However, do not confuse an ascot scarf with a plastron scarf. A plastron is an accessory similar to an ascot scarf, but it is worn over a collared shirt and fastened with a tie pin. The plastron is less often seen, as it is used in combination with the saket in wedding attire.

The tips of the Ascot scarf are the same length and width. When wearing a tie scarf, the top or two top buttons of the collared shirt are left open and tied nicely around the neck with a simple knot, on the inside of the collar of the collared shirt.

The purpose of the Ascot scarf is to bring color to your outfit, so don't be afraid to choose a colorful silk scarf, because it should really stand out.

The ascot scarves in our selection are made of light silk, so you can wear the ascot in summer without any worries, as it is comfortably light and breathable around the neck. Ascot scarves are made in Italy.

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