Hats & flat caps

Hats and flat caps crown a gentleman's outfit. Headdresses are multi-purpose accessories that complete the outfit both for everyday life and for parties, making the whole thing immediately look more thoughtful and stylish.

Headwear has been a big part of men's clothing for hundreds of years. In addition to their practicality, stylish Lier hats and visors protect their wearers from the sun, rain and cold air. There is an endless selection of different headwear, and from the selection of all shades, shapes, models and materials, everyone can find an option that suits their style. 

When choosing a hat, you should always consider your own style, the season and the weather changes that come with it, and of course different situations. For party wear or classic wear, a dark and timeless felt hat with stylish details is definitely the surest choice. For casual everyday wear, for example, flat-cap beanies made of different materials or, for example, merino wool beanies work brilliantly.

It's also easy to add a small dose of twist to outfits with the headpiece! For example, you can often see a fresh check pattern in hats and brims, which goes great with a dark overcoat or blazer to brighten up the whole thing. In the summer, it's nice to add a little color to your outfit, for example you can choose a burgundy, linen flat-cap loafer as an accessory.

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