Scarves and neckerchiefs

Scarves and scarves offer a huge selection and spectrum of options for finishing men's clothing and creating a personal style. Depending on the season and the situation, a scarf can protect you from the sun or cold weather, tie outfits together seamlessly, or add more details and color to your outfit. The possibilities of the most versatile accessory in dressing are limitless.

Hillity's wearer's safe choices are classic shades of blue, gray and brown, plain or simply patterned scarves that are easy to combine with many outfits. For the bolder dresser or the looser, there are many different patterns, variegated combinations and fresh shades. A red or, for example, an orange scarf cheers up next to dark outfits.

A scarf is the perfect choice to finish an outfit

In the selection of men's neck scarves, you can find many different styles, colors, sizes and scarves made of different materials. A scarf is always easy to take off or change, so it's the perfect accessory when you want to loosen up or bring something new to your outfit. Choose your favorites according to different seasons and situations.

When dressing for cold weather, a thick neckerchief warms you up with an overcoat and, if you wish, brings a touch of color to dark-toned outfits. For example, a merino wool scarf is very soft and warm in freezing temperatures. 

A scarf is an easy and stylish way to make outfits warmer and to tie together wholes indoors, too. A neck scarf completes outfits just as well for business wear as for leisure time. A well-fitting blazer or jacket, a collared shirt and a carefully chosen scarf always work brilliantly in a gentleman's dressing.

For warmer weather, you should choose a lighter, lighter shade scarf. For example, a linen scarf is really light, breathable and feels pleasant around the neck even in the heat. A relaxed collared shirt or t-shirt, chinos and a colorful neck scarf is a really easy but functional combination for everyday dressing.

A style-conscious gentleman knows how versatile a neck scarf is when dressing, and there are several scarves in his closet.

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