Bow ties

A trendy bow is a sure way to make an outfit personal and stylish. Bow ties are worn with a blazer, waistcoat or suit, a handkerchief of the same shade and an open, neat outfit is complete. A bow tie is a real classic accessory.

Due to their materials, bow ties give room for creativity, in principle only the sky is the limit from where you can make knots. In Saarni, you can find traditional silk and linen bows as well as more special wool bows. The Italian Miriana, who is skilled in the winter season, creates deliciously fluffy versions of her bows from thicker woolen fabric. Miriana makes unique bows by hand, from leftover fabrics collected from clothing stores. The boutique's selection includes bows made by him also in silk, so even at a summer party or in a street photo, you can stand out with these amazing accessories.

Easy and effortless is a pre-tied bow, which you just fasten and adjust to fit your own neck and you are ready for the track or the office. However, if you want to be stylish with a bow, then a self-tying bow is your choice. Tying a self-tie requires a bit of practice, but the effort will be rewarded when you get to prove your skills at the evening party. During the evening, when it's time to change to something more casual, you can untie the self-tying bow and leave it hanging open.

A black or tuxedo belt-colored bow is chosen with the tuxedo. A white bow is worn with the tailcoat. Etiquette prefers a bow when worn with the above, as well as with a suit, e.g. at evening parties and nightclubs. Today, however, the use of a bow has become more common and it is a common sight both at parties, in the office and on the street. When you follow etiquette on occasions that require it, the use of a bow tie is a trendy accessory that brings a nice change to men's clothing. 

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