Silk scarves

A men's silk scarf is a classic accessory that can be worn either tied around the neck, inside a shirt, or a silk scarf can be worn like a neck scarf with a jacket.

A silk scarf is a really stylish accessory that is suitable for a festive occasion. You can wear a silk scarf with both a suit and a little jacket. With a colorful silk scarf, you get a nice lightness to the outfit, and with a dark little jacket, it brings just the right amount of color to the whole. You can wear a silk scarf in summer and winter. In the winter collection, you can find Silk Scarves with a wool lining, so the silk scarf is warm to wear in cold weather. The light summer silk scarf is suitable for summer parties on its own or to be worn with a mid-season jacket as a neck scarf. A silk scarf always looks stylish!

A silk scarf can be wrapped around the neck under a collared shirt in the same way as an ascot scarf. A silk scarf is longer than an ascot scarf, so you should choose a light silk scarf as a scarf to wear under a collared shirt. 

In our collection you can find colorful and patterned Silk Scarves with which you can easily add style to your outfit.

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