Straight trousers are a sure choice when you need to dress neatly for everyday life or a party. You can build outfits for everyday, work, and party wear around stylish suit pants. These versatile pants are an absolute addition to a gentleman's wardrobe!

When the dress code is Smart Casual or Business Casual, you can easily wear straight trousers combined with a collared shirt and a small jacket. By adding accessories, you complete your ensemble with style. You can get a more relaxed look by combining straight pants with a sweater.

The straight trousers of our collection are made with careful finishing and from very high quality fabrics. Our selection includes narrow trousers which are very popular models. For a more traditional taste, we offer suit trousers with a normal leg.

We invest in high-quality materials that guarantee that straight pants are comfortable to wear. Smost of the trousers in our selection are made of wool.

In our selection, you can find straight trousers in different shades of gray and brown and checkered. Check out our entire trouser selection and fall in love!

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