Winter gloves

High-quality men's winter gloves are traditionally made from deer or sheep leather and lined with wool knit. Villavuori works as a good heat insulator, but breathes well. Winter gloves are made of full leather and sometimes woolen fabric is used to give a look to the back of the glove. 

When choosing the size of a winter glove, you should choose a slightly snug size, because the leather will mold to your hand. However, a winter glove doesn't have to be as tight as a driving glove, because the small gap ensures that the glove keeps the heat effectively.

A leather winter glove is a stylish and practical choice to warm a gentleman's hands in the winter season. Choose the shade of the gloves to match the shade of your jacket, or if you want to play a little, choose a brighter shade and a scarf of the same color as a friend!

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