Red goggles ⎪ Easy Rider ⎪ Baruffaldi

Tuotekoodi: BF-175005


Red goggles for motorcycling complete the fast-paced style.

The Easy Rider sunglasses covered with red nappa leather come from high-quality, handcrafted Italian Baruffald. The unique red sunglasses are very practical and feel nice on the head.

The lightweight metal frame of the sunglasses is surrounded by genuine, soft chrome-tanned nappa leather. Flexible headband parts and padding at the ends of the headbands give more comfort. The possibility of adjusting the nosepiece guarantees an excellent fit.

Easy Rider sunglasses come with two lenses, one of which is clear and the other is darkened. The tinted "extra lenses" are easy to attach over the clear lenses and they protect well from the sun.

Complete the style with an open helmet that matches the sunglasses.

Skin color: Red.

Baruffaldi has been manufacturing different types of glasses suitable for activities since 1932. In order to cherish traditions, Baruffaldi has wanted to preserve uncompromising craftsmanship and a collection that respects history. Today, the collection includes a wide variety of goggles, helmets, hoods and gloves suitable for driving and other purposes.

Baruffaldi's handcrafted open helmets and driving hoods remind every gentleman of the more elegant side of driving. Baruffaldi is a brand for every gentleman, because owning a motorcycle is just a side event.

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