Black/Orange open face helmet ⎪ Oron ⎪ Barrufaldi

Tuotekoodi: BF-80024-1-M/L


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The black open face helmet with fresh details is the perfect choice for stylish motorcycling.

The orange and white details of the black helmet give the timeless and simple stylish helmet a touch of speed and a bold feel! The lightly patterned leather surface gives the end result a valuable finish.

The Baruffaldi Oro open helmet is made of light fiberglass. The upper is hand-upholstered in black, hand-dyed, cut and printed leather. The unique details of the helmet are created with white and orange leather stripes. The stylish chrome edging gives the helmet dignity and freshness.

Sisusta's supportive cushions are made of memory foam, which guarantees a tight and perfect fit. After a couple of minutes of putting it on, the helmet fits the wearer like a mold when the memory foam has taken its perfect shape. As a big plus, versatile memory foam and interior insulation provide excellent sound absorption.

The leather-covered interior cushions are hypoallergenic and removable.

At the back of the helmet there is an attachment loop for goggles.

Finish the style by choosing goggles that match the helmet perfectly.

The helmet is approved for road traffic use.


S-M = 54-57cm

M-L = 58-60cm

XL = 61-62cm

Note! Baruffaldi helmets are a snappy size.

Baruffaldi has been manufacturing different types of glasses suitable for activities since 1932. In order to cherish traditions, Baruffaldi has wanted to preserve in its work uncompromising craftsmanship and a collection that respects history. Today, the collection includes a wide variety of goggles, helmets, hoods and gloves suitable for driving and other purposes.

Baruffaldi's handcrafted open helmets and driving hoods remind every gentleman of the more elegant side of driving. Baruffaldi is a brand for every gentleman, because owning a motorcycle is just a side event.

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