Burgundy pajamas⎪ Bip Bip

Tuotekoodi: BI-4244BO-S

€71,40 €119

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High quality pajamas are perfect for a man who values ​​quality. A very stylish burgundy pajama is the absolute choice for a stylish gentleman as a nightgown. This pajama is durable and washable.

Super beautifully toned, burgundy pajamas are made of high quality cotton fabric that feels really soft and comfortable on the skin and breathes well and does not sweat.

The pajama design gives just the right amount of comfort for the sleeper.

Lovely details crown the whole.

Pajamas are also a really welcome gift idea!

Color: Burgundy.

Material: 100% cotton.

Made by hand in Italy.

Bip Bip has been a pajama manufacturer in Italy since 1974. Their products are built on a desire for comfort, high-quality materials and uncompromising craftsmanship. The nightwear designs are timeless but they add a fresh touch of modern twist.

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