Mühle shaving set Black - safety razor

Tuotekoodi: MH-S81M226SSR


8 kpl varastossa

Mühle's shaving set includes a replacement razor with a closed comb (one blade included) and a shaving brush made of real badger hair. The set also includes a stylish chrome holder and a foaming bowl.

Mühle's classic razor with replaceable blades. The closed comb of the planer is excellent for beginners. This planer is a good start to the world of classic shaving. Thanks to the features of the planer, the driving experience is pleasant and safe. The razor is a great replacement for a regular razor and is very affordable to use thanks to the cheap replacement blades. A single blade drives even better than multi-bladed options. The planer is also suitable for shaving hair. A great planer for beginners!

Razor size 21 mm. Popular suti because of its particularly soft foaming properties.

Mühle is a German, third-generation family business that manufactures traditional shaving products with decades of experience. Mühle's product range includes various products related to shaving and shaving care. Mühle products are known for their quality and detailed finishing.

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