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Tuotekoodi: NV-S001-S/M


11 kpl varastossa

The shirt holder holds the collared shirt down. Prevents the shirt from rising from the pants when the hand is raised above shoulder height. The elastic bands pull the shirt back into the pants and the shirt doesn't hang like a bag over the pants either.

Choose the size according to the circumference of the lower part of the thigh (see pictures):

S/M size: less than 54cm

L/XL size: 55-61cm

XXL size: 62-68cm

Read the blog post about shirt holders

NV Holders is a product made in Slovenia, developed and launched by Nik Vene. Nik raised the funding initially as a Kickstarter project and has now sold thousands of NV Holders around the world to various gentlemen's boutiques. You can only get NV Holders from us in Finland!

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