Beige bowtie⎪Papillon Miró

Tuotekoodi: NW-PAISLEY-6


Unique and stylish, light beige bow with a beautiful detail. For the perfect finishing touch to party wear!

A gentleman can be recognized by unique accessories.

The bow is already tied.

All these beautiful Papillon Miró bows come to us handmade in Sicily, made by a young Italian woman, Miriana. Behind every bow is a long design phase and a careful selection of fabrics. Miriana chooses the wonderful fabrics for making bows herself from Italian clothiers, utilizing and recycling leftover scraps from them. In this way, the "waste pieces" left over from the manufacture of clothes get a new, glorious life.

Miriana, who works in the hotel industry during her day job, spends her free time creating unique bows, building combinations that are more elegant than the other, and paying special attention to perfecting the details.

Each the bow is unique and there is no other like it.

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