Red handkerchief⎪ BP Silk

Tuotekoodi: BP-S2027


5 kpl varastossa

Red grenadine handkerchief completes a stylish party dress or neat outfit for everyday / office.

The surface of the handmade handkerchief made of gorgeous grenadine fabric is wonderfully lively. Grenadine fabric differs from ordinary smooth-surfaced silk in its detailed surface, thicker feel, and absolute luxury.

Grenadine weaving is considerably more complex and tighter than normal silk fabric weaving. Due to the complexity of weaving, it is often a little more expensive.

Material: 100% Grenadine Silk.

Size: 33cm x 33cm

Made by hand in Italy.

BP Silk, a small silk company on the shores of Lake Como, produces more stunning silk fabrics and accessories. BP pays special attention to craftsmanship, detail and uniqueness in its products. They want to offer their customers top quality and unique accessories for every occasion.

Sonja and Tuomo visited the manufacturer in Como on their last trip to Italy and, together with BP Silk, designed this magnificent and unique collection for the boutique. So every BP Silk product is hand-picked from beautiful silks and specially designed for us. So these products aren't really available anywhere else!

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