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Tuotekoodi: RD-CON3-1-54

€199,50 €399

Stylish dark blue wool fabric jacket with a touch of unique twist. The timeless woolen jacket is decorated with small polished details such as light buttonholes, metal buttons and the cut of the jacket, for example on the back.

The classic woolen jacket works perfectly for party wear and stylish everyday wear. Wear the overcoat on its own with, for example, a polo shirt, or combine it with a suit or blazer for party wear.

Warm but breathable woolen fabric stays good for a long time, breathes without rubbing.

Material 100% Wool.

Reykjavik District is a small sewing factory, only a very small amount of each garment is made. This allows for more versatile options for dressing and for the wearer to always have their own individuality, these are not something you walk against and are not mass produced.

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