Blue gray linen blazer⎪Reykjavik District

Tuotekoodi: RD-FOX52-1-S

€119,50 €239

Reykjavik District's unlined Fox blazer is a guaranteed choice for casual parties. The light and breathable material is comfortable to wear even in warm weather.

The best aspects of the Fox blazer, in addition to comfort and fit, are its delightful little details in the buttons and pocket square, which complete the unique ensemble.

This stylish blazer is made of incredibly gorgeous, vividly colored linen fabric, which adds a touch of twist to the whole.

Double slit at the back, inside crotch pocket.

Material: 100% linen.

Reykjavik District is a small 7-person clothing sewing company whose roots go back to the volcanic land of Iceland. The brand was founded in 2011 and is behind it by a Polish-Icelandic couple, Anja and Olly. The design focuses on Icelandic Nordic design and style, keeping to simplicity and large lines, yet distinguishing itself with details.

Each garment is only made in a very small quantity. This allows for more versatile options for dressing and for the wearer to always have their own individuality, these are not something you walk against and are not mass produced. Only Italian fabrics are used in the clothes, which guarantees durability and quality. The main product is the men's jacket collection, around which the entire men's clothing is built, as well as the rest of Reykjavik District's collection.


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