Casual Light Blue Jacket⎪ Harrison⎪ Reykjavik District

Tuotekoodi: RD-HAR1-1-XXL

€114,50 €229

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A casual jacket/blazer with a little twist is the perfect choice for personal everyday dressing! The light blue Harrison jacket brings color to your cold weather outfit and creates an eye-catching style in your outfit.

Harrison's jacket is just the right amount of light and breathable and works brilliantly in neat everyday use like a blazer. In warm weather, it also works as a light outer jacket.

You can get a very easy and good-looking ensemble by wearing a jacket with chinos and a sweater.

The jacket is very soft and has a pleasant feel, and just the right light 100% wool fabric. The woolen fabric is easy to care for and to a large extent only ventilation is enough to keep the jacket clean and fresh.

This slim and fitted jacket adapts to many situations and outfits! You can quickly change the style from neat to rough by raising the collars.

There is only one of this jacket per size, so you will hardly find a similar one walking down the street!

Color: Light blue.

Material: 100% Wool.

Reykjavik District is a small sewing factory, only a very small amount of each garment is made. This allows for more versatile options for dressing and for the wearer to always have their own individuality, these are not something you walk against and are not mass produced.

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