Blue blazer Silver Fox Reykjavik District

Tuotekoodi: RD-FOX76-M


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The fresh blue Silver Fox blazer brings color and uprightness to your outfit.

The casual and very comfortable, unlined Reykjavik District Fox blazer is the perfect choice for neat casual wear or even a more casual party with a collared shirt. Combine a blazer with a sweater or t-shirt and jeans or chinos to create a more casual look.

The blazer, made of elastic and highly breathable wool fabric, feels really comfortable on top. Wool is a wonderful material that will keep you warm without sanding in warmer weather. So this suitably casual and wonderfully light blazer is truly versatile.

The Silver Fox blazer model is slightly shorter and suitably casual than the Reykjavik District Roman blazer. Double slit at the back, inside the breast pocket.

Color: Blue.

Material: 80% Wool and 20% Nylon.

Reykjavik District is a small garment sewing industry, with only a very small amount of each garment being made. This allows for more varied options for dressing and the wearer always has their own individuality, these are not countered and are not mass produced.

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