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Floris London's luxuriously scented Cefiro shower soap contains ovestoil, which leaves the skin soft and helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance.

The mild but easily foaming formula gently cleanses the skin, leaving it moisturized and lightly scented.

Floris London's fragrance Cefiro is a combination of fresh lemon and lime enhanced with bergamot and mandarin. The fragrance gets its spiciness from cardamom and nutmeg and a floral heart note. The fragrance gets its warm character from the base notes of wood and musk.

Package size: 250ml

Floris was born almost 300 years ago, when Juan Famenia Floris created his first fragrance and wrote the instructions in his leather-bound book. New recipes were still written in that book and today that book is stored in Jermyn Street in London in Floris' vault. That book still serves as an inspiration when Floris creates new fragrances, all of which pass under Edward Bodenham's nose as acceptable. Edward represents the ninth generation of the Floris family, and thus continues the traditional skills that he has learned from his grandfather. Products are still made today in the same premises on Jermy street, where Juan created his first fragrances in 1730. In addition, production is now also carried out in the most modern facilities in Devon, England. Floris is a brand where the best raw materials create attention-stealing scents.

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