Tinti Matteo Murano glass cufflinks Marco

Tuotekoodi: TM-2005

€24,50 €49

Nice toasty Tinti Matteo glass cufflinks bring the desired twist to your outfit! These handcrafted cufflinks in Venice are completely unique.

Stunning for yourself or as a gift!

Made by hand in Italy.

has been made of glass for over a thousand years. These glass cufflinks by Tinti Matteo are also made in Murano, Venice.

Tinti Matteo is the current owner of a glass factory whose father Giuseppe Sonja and Tuomo met in Venice. Giuseppe, now over 70, has transferred the company to his son, who still makes glass jewelry and utensils in Venice using traditional Murano methods.

Gold and silver are mixed into the glass, as well as other substances to bring color. The glass creates a wonderful three-dimensional piece of jewelry that evokes admiration in the cuff.

The metal parts of the cufflinks are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, so they do not cause allergic symptoms.

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