White collar shirt cutaway collar⎪Reykjavik District

Tuotekoodi: RD-SHI76-1-XXL


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A stylish Reykjavik District white collared shirt that is suitable for both everyday life and parties. The details on the collar and buttons bring a little twist to this otherwise restrained collared shirt.

The collared shirt is light and breathable cotton, which feels pleasant on the skin. The fabric has a little texture which gives the shirt more detail.

This shirt has all the same excellent features as the other Reykjavik District collared shirts, but the collars of this shirt are slightly slimmer than normal and open to the side. The collar is great for wearing with or without a tie and bow.

The model is between slim fit and normal. The shirt is fitted, suitably shaped, and is excellently suited for a normal figure. S and M size fits well even on a narrow body.

Material. 100% cotton.

Color: White.

The sleeves of the shirt have button fastening but also the option to use cufflinks.

Machine wash at 30 degrees. Iron with low heat.

Reykjavik District is a small sewing factory, only a very small amount of each garment is made. This allows for more versatile options for dressing and for the wearer to always have their own individuality, these are not something you walk against and are not mass produced.

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