Red sunglasses ⎪ Classic Inte 259 ⎪ Baruffaldi

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Red sunglasses give personality and color to motorcycling.

High-quality and vintage-style sunglasses give the two-wheeler the finishing touch. The Classic Inte 259 model sunglasses, handcrafted in Italy, fit the head well and protect the eyes brilliantly while driving.

The genuine and soft, chrome-tanned nappa leather around the lenses feels pleasant but suitably firm on the face. The adjustable rubber band of the goggles can be easily attached to the clip reserved for the rider on the helmet, after which they stay perfectly in place while driving.

The package includes, of course, clear lenses, but also a darkened lens that can be easily added on top of them, which also protects well from the sun. (Shown in the picture)

Complete the style with a unique helmet suitable for drivers.

Skin color: Red.

The sunglasses are handmade in Italy.

Baruffaldi has been manufacturing different types of glasses suitable for activities since 1932. In order to cherish traditions, Baruffaldi has wanted to preserve uncompromising craftsmanship and a collection that respects history. Today, the collection includes a wide variety of goggles, helmets, hoods and gloves suitable for driving and other purposes.

Baruffaldi's handcrafted open helmets and driving hoods remind every gentleman of the more elegant side of driving. Baruffaldi is a brand for every gentleman, because owning a motorcycle is just a side event.

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