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Reykjavik District's well-fitting and very stylish black suit is handmade from 100% wool. This black suit made of light and top quality Italian REDA wool fabric is the perfect choice for party wear for the gentleman who appreciates quality and durability.

A black suit is always a safe choice for party dressing and it is suitable for almost every party situation.

The suit has a pocket pocket that can be pulled out as a pocket square, so that a matching pocket square is always with you.

The suit is made of absolutely fantastic material. Reda suit fabric, preferred by tailors around the world, is extremely high-quality and you can see and feel it. The material of the fabric is 100% wool, so it is not sensitive to wrinkles and stays clean largely by airing. Light, breathable and wonderfully smooth material guarantees excellent wearing comfort.

The well-fitting and classic model of Reykjavik District suits is perfect for many body types. The pants of the suit come in full length, so we always use the pants at a tailor's to get the perfect length. Customization is free. Please note that installments are not made in connection with online store orders.

A classic, elegant three-piece suit can be created by adding vestn.

made of the same fabric to the whole

To suit you can find a suitable vest here!

Color: Black.

Material: 100% wool.

Reykjavik District is a small sewing factory, only a very small amount of each garment is made. This allows for more versatile options for dressing and for the wearer to always have their own individuality, you won't find many of these on the street, and they are not mass-produced.

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