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Omega razor genuine boar hair. Good foaming properties. The shaver has a chromed plastic handle for a firm grip.

Shaver size: 105mm

Boar hair brushes are coarser and stiffer than, for example, badger hair brushes and are excellently suitable for lathering hard shaving soap, for example. Especially when new, the boar fur coat may seem stiff, but it softens quickly with use. However, some people prefer the coarser hair because of its massaging feel. Boar hair shavers are also a great price-quality ratio choice for those familiar with classic shaving.

You should always shave after showering, because warm water softens beard hair and skin, making shaving easier and more pleasant. In particular, you should leave the boar hair brush in warm water during the shower, so that the bristles soften before using the brush. Boar hair absorbs water, so you should let the razor dry properly for at least two days between shaves.,All Omega razors and shaving equipment are made in Italy. Omega is a well-known Italian family company that manufactures quality products, from carefully selected materials, with long experience.

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