Razor 5/8 black ⎪ Dovo Solingen

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Dovo razor with plastic handle and 5/8 inch blade. The round-tipped 5/8-inch blade is great for the beginner because the blade is easy to control. Carbon steel is easier to sharpen. Dovo's razors are all ready to shave.

It's always a good idea to shave after a shower, as the warm water softens the shaving hair and the skin, making shaving easier and more comfortable. Use a good shaving soap or lotion to make shaving better on your skin.

Tips for Using a Knife: It is recommended to keep razors at an angle of 30 degrees. Start with short and steady strokes in the direction of the hair, avoid transverse movement. Too much pressure will cause cuts. The handle points away from the direction of travel. A good and effective way is to stretch the skin with one hand.

After shaving, apply Aftershave on your face to treat your skin and relieve skin irritation. After use, rinse the blade and wipe with a cloth. Protect your razor from moisture. With good care, a razor will last for years. It is a good idea to sharpen the razor after each use by slinging, which means that the blade stays better for longer.

Dovo Solingen is a manufacturer of cutting steel known for its quality, design and long tradition. Dovo has been making razors as well as scissors and knives since 1906. Dovo's production is in Solingen, Germany, a well-known location for cutting steel. The Dovo brand family also includes the Merkur Solingen, Shavette, Bismarck brands.

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