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The really stylish, plaid Reykjavik Ditrict Turn-Up Pants are perfect for wearing warm weather.

Lightweight and breathable fabric feels very comfortable on the skin and keeps you comfortable even in hot weather. The trouser model is just right but casual.

Easily combine plaid turn-up pants with a t-shirt or linen shirt for a casual and more festive occasion with a collared shirt and blazer.

The fabric feels great and high quality, and its beautiful checkered pattern adds just the right amount of detail and twist.

The moderately tapered gift of the fabric pants is suitable for gentlemen of all ages and gives the pants an excellent fit. The pants are fairly sized. Pockets on the sides and back.

Material: 70% wool, 20% linen and 10% silk.

Color: Blue-gray checkered

Reykjavik District is a small garment sewing industry, with only a very small amount of each garment being made. This allows for more varied options for dressing and the wearer always has their own individuality, these are not countered and are not mass produced.

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