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The stylish blue half-length jacket is an excellent choice for neat everyday wear. The jacket's lively coloring brings a wonderful twist to the fabric. Combine with a sweater and jeans or chinos or wear a blazer underneath. Blue is an easy shade to combine with almost all other colors, so the jacket works stylishly in many ensembles.

With a scarf you add more details and, if you want, color to the whole. The Piero Gianchi Collection VP jacket is a classic model elegantly combined with a different pattern. If you want to stand out, this jacket is a great choice.

Use as an overcoat outdoors or as a blazer indoors.

The model of the jacket is very fitting and narrow, the size is slightly smaller than normal.

The material is pleasantly breathable and light on the wearer, and it does not rub off easily. The jacket has lining on the sleeves.

Paisley-patterned pocket square included.

Made in Italy.

Color: Blue

Material: 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Piero Gianchi Collection is an Italian outerwear manufacturer with almost ten years of experience in the field. The product range includes, for example, blazers, overcoats, trousers and shoes. The carefully made products of the Piero Gianchi Collection combine high quality and ease of use.

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