Dark brown Driving gloves in deer leather⎪Chester Jefferies

Product code: CJ-29724-1-S


Dark brown Driving gloves with a light brown palm are a stylish choice for a car driver!

Deer leather is just the right thickness and soft material, which is why the gloves are really comfortable to wear and fit well. The hole in the back ensures breathability of the driving gloves.

The driving gloves are a classic accessory to increase driving comfort. A great gift idea for a man driving a car!

Choose driving gloves with a tight feel, as the driving gloves are shaped according to your own hands.

Chester Jeffries Driving gloves are made in England using traditional methods and investing in quality. They choose the best leathers from which the gloves are handmade.

Material: Deerskin.

Take a look at the collaboration between us and Chester Jefferies

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