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A wonderful dark blue suit made of 100% wool by hand in the Reykjavik District. Made of very light Italian REDA fabric, the suit is the perfect choice for the gentleman who wants quality and durability.

The suit has a pocket that can be used as a handkerchief, the pattern of which brightens up the whole thing just right.

The suit is made of incredibly good material. Reda suit fabric, preferred by tailors around the world, is extremely high-quality and you can see and feel it. The material is 100% wool, so it is not sensitive to wrinkles and stays clean by airing. The light, breathable and smooth material guarantees excellent wearing comfort.

The pants of the suit come in full length, so we always use the pants at a tailor's to get the perfect length. Customization is free. Please note that installments are not made in connection with online store orders.

Color: Dark Blue

Material: 100% Reda wool. Reda Super 130´s.

Since 1919, Reda has been a world-famous, top-quality, Italian merino wool fabric manufacturing company. All the wonderful fabrics are made in Italy, valuing the exact traditions and manufacturing methods. Reda's fabrics are manufactured in accordance with sustainable development, respecting nature and closely monitoring each work step required for production.

Silkmakäinen's light and durable woolen fabrics guarantee undeniable quality and perfect wearing comfort.

Made in Poland.

Reykjavik District is a very small sewing factory with less than ten employees, where only a small batch of each garment is made. Making small batches allows for more versatile options for dressing and the wearer is always guaranteed individuality, these clothes are not seen on the street, and they are not mass-produced.

Learn more about the collaboration between the boutique and the Reykjavik District!

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